Amarado Covenants Established 1975 Association By-laws Established 1977
The Amarado Homeowners Association  Was established in 1975 and updated in 1977 to provide for the maintenance of the sub-divisionís common areas. This included sidewalks, drainage, fencing and other structures in the shared common areas. The association also contracts for the mowing and trimming of these areas and maintenance of the watering wells and underground sprinkler system.  Function of Officers and Directors of the Association The Association is governed by member elected Board of Directors who in turn appoint the Officers, Committee Chairs and Others as needed to operate and oversee the functions of the HOA.   The covenants and by-laws of the Association direct and establish the organization, activities and restrictions of the HOA to include maintenance of common areas and certain architectural limitations designed to assist home owners maintain property values.    Covenants and By-Laws of the Association Need More Information about the Home Owners Association Click to send Email to: Amarado Home Owners Association Location Map Location Map Realtors Page Realtors Page Information Information ALERTS & UPDATES
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FYI:  Over the past several years many trees in the commons area have been removed due to disease, wind damage, etc.  Consequently,our Amarado Directors have discussed planting more trees.   A few trees could be planted each year but a much higher cost than buying and planting in bulk.  Buying in bulk would reduce the cost per tree, the labor costs for planting and (long-term) irrigation expenses. 
The Directors may propose a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT to fund such a project.